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Anne Wayman, Writing CoachA writing coach or mentor is a professional writer who works with you to improve both your writing and  your writing business. They can give you the professional feedback and provide the accountability you need to get your book or your other writing turning a profit.

The best writing coach is one who has learned the art of deep listening, of actually hearing you on multiple levels. This helps them understand what you really want from your writing and what you’re willing to give. Once the two of you are in agreement about your deepest writing desires, your coach will help guide you in that direction.

Sure, practical things like making time for your writing when you have kids and a fulltime job, setting rates, figuring out your niche, or if you even need one are all issues your coach can help with. So is addressing fears of marketing, making deadlines and almost anything else. Good coaches recognize, even if you don’t, that writing is only a part of your life.

Coaching is done over the phone and/or via video conferencing like Zoom. Distance simply isn’t an issue. Writing coaches work in a variety of ways including hourly charges, packages that offer coaching over a specific length of time, etc. Some want to meet with you for an hour, others are effective in 20 minute sessions. Frequency ranges from several times a week to once a month or even every other month. Some coaches will trade with you if you happen to offer something they need or want. Most coaches will design a program that works for you.

Writing coaches normally charge extra if you want them to do actual editing. Editing and coaching are very different skills. Most coaches will read at least partial manuscripts and help you locate and correct problems of all sorts. In other words, they’ll help you see and solve problems but leave the actual writing/editing work to you.

Here’s a testimonial from one of my clients. I think she sums up how a writing coach can make a positive difference in your writing career.


Thanks for encouraging me to write the book I thought I could not put into words. Your writing, editing, paraphrasing, and inspiration kept me moving forward when I felt I could no longer continue.

I am amazed at your ability to (help me) re-work my scrambled thoughts and put them into legible, somewhat coherent sentences!

With deep appreciation for the support, dedication, and countless hours of editing!

Much love and respect,
Sheri Werner,
Author of:

In Safe Hands: Bullying Prevention with Compassion for All

I was so proud of her when she launched her own book. I was also proud to be a part of it.

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