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Vision Your Writing Project

Visioning is a meditative way of bringing the Universal Mind/Sprit/God at your center as you create your project, or even your whole life into the perfection it deserves.

This process begins by getting centered and quiet, then moving into the silence, surrounded in love and creativity.

The intention is to open to the in-flow of Spirit as information.

Visioning is different than visualization because you’re allowing Spirit to inform you, rather than telling God what you want.

The process is done with a series of questions that run along these lines:

  • What is Spirit’s Highest Vision/Ideal (for this project, event or situation)?
  • What idea, thought, behavior, do I need to release in order to empower this vision (for this project, event or situation)?
  • What gets embraced and accept in order  to empower the vision (for this project, event or situation)?
  • What is my specific role in the unfolding of this vision?
  • In what way/s do I grow, deepen or expand, as this vision reveals itself?
  • What, exactly,  am I willing to commit to and give right now  in order for this vision to manifest?
  • >What other information wants to be revealed or understood in this moment (for this project, event or situation)?

Obviously, you can ask these questions of yourself. However, it often works best if someone is guiding you and holding space while you Vision.

Visioning also works for groups; in fact, real magic can take place when a group Visions together.

Contact Anne about Visioning for your project.

Visioning is not original with me. I found out about it through what are now known as the Universal Centers for Spiritual Living.

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