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Ghostwriter, freelance writer, book editor, coach,  speaker and life explorer


Would you like a professional writer and editor to help you with your writing? I can coach and mentor you so your writing works and so you work your writing.

Some Possibilities:

  • Do you have questions about getting started on a writing project? My coaching and mentoring services can help.
  • Have an idea you'd just like to brainstorm with a professional writer? I'm a professional writer as well as a coach and mentor.
  • Do you want information on finding markets, either locally or in the trade? Let me coach and mentor you to find the markets you need.
  • Do you need some motivation? And maybe some specific direction and a path to follow? As your coach and mentor, I'm your cheering squad.
  • Would it be helpful to check in on a regular schedule with someone who knows the business and make sure you're on purpose?
  • Do you want some help getting clear on your purpose?
  • Do you simply want to talk with another professional?

How It Works:

It works exactly the way YOU want it to work. Here are some possibilities:

  • The I'm stuck-and-my deadline-is-looming phone call:

Email me your query, press release, short article, etc., (1,000 word or less). We'll arrange a phone call at our mutual convenience and I'll help you get it sorted out, usually in 24 hours. (If it's a longer piece email me and we'll discuss the rates.)

  • The I've-got-a-great-idea-but-I-don't know-how-to-start series:

We'll start with an initial phone call - usually about 30 minutes. You'll tell me about your project, and where you are in the process.

Based on what you tell me, I'll give you a specific writing assignment designed to help you clarify what you're doing. You'll email me the assignment and arrange a telephone call.

I'll give you specific feedback and give you a second assignment. You return the assignment to me, and arrange the second call.

Again, I'll give you specific feedback and we'll decide if we want to set up more sessions.

That's two phone sessions and two assignments where I edit, strategize and help you get well started.

My charges are $125 and hour with a three hour minimum. You can contact me by email or by phone, listed below.

  • I want you to read my manuscript:

    If you insist, I'll read and critique your manuscript at $2.00 per page, $125 minimum, prepaid. You'll get back a detailed set of suggestions and we'll arrange a time for a phone conversation.

    I suggest we start with the first 50 pages - we'll soon know if we want to go further.

    I work in non-fiction only and am best in the following areas:

    • self-help
    • travel
    • copywriting - both online and off
    • web content
    • books - both print and ebook
    • booklets for your business

  • I think I need a ghostwriter

Ok, here's detailed information on my ghostwriting services.

  • I don't see what I need here

No problem! Email or call me and we'll talk about it. I'm willing to design exactly the type of mentoring you need, and there are lots of ways to get it done.

  • Questions about this coaching service? 

Send an email, or give me a call and we'll talk. 

Whatever we decide to do, I promise to be prepared, give you 100% uninterrupted time, be economical with your time and provide any appropriate supplemental information (where appropriate). In short, I'll make sure you get your money's worth.




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