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You’re probably at least aware of the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in the content or articles you produce for your website. But unless your a professional content writer, like me, or build websites, the chances are SEO still seems like a dark art. And in a way it still is.

Google, the main search engine most of us are concerned about, wants articles that are of value and/or entertainment to the reader. It does this by evaluating each and every page it indexes. Sure, it’s done by alogrythems and other programming tricks, which is the only way it can be done given the volume of content are out there.

It’s mostly about key words

A major key to what Google is looking for are known as key words. These are the words or terms that the search engine giant uses to index a page and determine where your page will fall when someone uses a search term looking for your business or service.

In this article, for example, my major key word is the phrase  search engine optimization (SEO). (Yes, in SEO land a phrase can also be considered a key word.) The fact that so far I’ve repeated that phrase twice is good, as long as I don’t overdo it. Another fact is that there is no magic number a time a search term should be used so it’s partially a guessing game. Or really a game of experience and judgement.

What we do know is Google wants our search terms to sound/feel natural in our writing. That’s part of the art of SEO. Another part is the skill in finding the right search terms or phrases for your article.

For example, although this site is generally aimed at people who want to hire or to become a freelance writer, this page has a much more specific purpose. Yes, it’s the title of this piece. I want this page to be found by people who might hire me to write for them and I want them to be assured I can help them with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Additional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) issues

Google also likes pages that have something in addition to words. Royalty free photos and videos can provide a solution. As can things like headings, as you see leading this paragraph. There are additional concerns, including number of words, internal links as well as extremal links and more that add up to a page that Google will rank well.

Here’s a YouTube overview of why SEO is important.  Yes, Google will recognize this as an ebedded link to a video.

Why me?

I had to look it up, and my first writing job involving finding and using search terms was in the Spring of 1995 when I became one of‘s first 30 or so employees. That’s some 27 years ago!

Since I’ve been writing content for websites even before that it means I’ve had a whole lot of practice. It also means I’ve been forced to keep up with this rather arcane aspect of freelance writing.

You and your site will benefit from my expertise.

Get in touch and let’s talk about how I might help you with your project.

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