Query Writing Workshop

Is Fear of Writing Query Letters Slowing Your
Freelance Writing Career?

You want to start writing for magazines and you know strong queries are what you need to get started. But... something keeps you from getting queries written and submitted, at lease on a regular basis.

When you think about writing queries, when you start to actually write a query letter, one or more of the following notions comes up and makes you want to do anything else, even the dishes:

  • You’re afraid you’re working on the wrong idea or that you idea is not good enough.
  • The whole concept of matching your idea to a particular magazine seems mysterious and confusing.
  • Talking to an editor, even in a letter or via email, scares you half to death.
  • Editors seem unapproachable and you fear you’ll never figure out what they really want.

What if it were possible to write and submit a query letter with confidence, even boldness?

It is possible, because...

Effective query writing is a totally learnable skill!

No matter why you haven't gotten comfortable writing queries there is help - help specifically designed to get you over the query writing hump and writing good queries whenever you want.

Hi, my name is Anne Wayman. I’ve actually been editor-in-chief of two magazines, one won a major award, and of two newspapers – I was even the founding editor of one.

That experience plus my own experience writing for magazines means I’ve worked both sides of the query equation. That’s why I know to get started writing great queries you need just three things:

1.     The willingness to consider letting go of some of your old ideas about queries and editors.

2.     Information about what queries actually are and how to make yours work.

3.     The willingness to take these learnings and dare to write and submit three queries.

You have kept me gainfully employed since I started freelancing, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Lori Strawn, Freelance Writer

Look, I've been there. Before I could send out my first two queries I was so afraid someone might think I was trying to be a writer I had to drive some 20 miles to another town to mail them, in secret!

After some experimentation I discovered how to figure out what magazine editors want so I could write queries that sold.

Later, when I became an editor myself, I looked at and evaluated 100s of queries, maybe even close to a thousand. I quickly learned how to sort the good ones from the not-so-good, information I'll share with you.

In other words I’ve worked on both sides – as a freelancer and as an editor. That gives me concrete insider knowledge about what you need to do and write to increase you queries chances for a sale. Which is why I created the...

Finally! Get 3 Queries Written & Submitted in 4 Weeks Workshop!

This is the workshop that will show you exactly:

      • How to let go of the fear that's stopping you from even getting started

      • Why editors love queries and how to make them love yours.

      • Precisely what 4 elements your query must contain to be successful.

      • Learn how to read a magazine so you know EXACTLY what the editor wants.

In other words, after a mere four weeks you’ll finally know exactly how to write queries with confidence, and be able to repeat the process whenever you want.

So... what exactly will you get in this workshop?

It's 4 classes in webinar format, each with its own focus:

Class 1 - Deconstructing your fear around queries / the what and the why of queries.

Class 2 - The 4 elements of a great query.
Class 3 - Queries, ideas and markets.

Class 4 - Discovering exactly what editors want.

Each class will have an assignment designed to help you get 3 queries submitted in 4 weeks.

Plus you'll have clickable resources, worksheets you can use on your computer, mp3s of each class, .pdfs and 30 day membership in the 5 Buck Forum with a special thread just for this workshop.

Thank you! This is incredibly helpful.

Brie W. Reynolds

You’ll come away with a deep understanding of the query letter, as together we look at each and every aspect of what they are and how to write them – effectively, and even easily over and over again. The query letter will never again slow your writing career.

Choose the premium option and I personally will evaluate each of your 3 query drafts, giving you specific feedback so you'll know what's right and how to improve what isn't quite on target. Plus you'll get an additional follow-up call and an additional month in the 5 Buck Forum - limited to 6 people and requires an application form.

Why it works

The Finally Get 3 Queries Written and Submitted In 4 Weeks Workshop works because it’s not just about writing queriesit’s also about you  - about being yourself and breaking through what’s been holding you back.

Once you’ve written and submitted 3 queries you’ll know how to do it and have the confidence to keep submitting them over and over again, any time you want.

What will it take to get the results you want?

Participation is the key! You'll get the results you want when you attend (or listen) to each call, do the assignments and participate in the forum.



When: Four sessions (5 for the Premium Option) - Thursdays, Sept. 6, 13, 20 & 27 (plus Oct. 4 for Premium Option) at 3 - 4:30 p.m.Pacific Time (World Time Server)

Format: Up to an hour and a half of material and interaction, with time to get all your questions answered.

Assignments: Expect to spend up to an hour per class (including forum time)  plus whatever time it takes you to draft and polish 3 queries.

Where: Teleclass with Screen sharing – long distance charges may apply - Skype usually works although you may have to dial in more than once.


Yes, in addition to the 4 classes and everything that comes with it, you'll also receive:

The Ultimate Query Writing Ebook including samples.

How To Write A Book Proposal - Anne's ebook on writing book proposals that sell.

Think about this:

If you want to write for magazines, you simply must master the query letter. If that isn’t what you want, then obviously, save your money.

But if you do want to write for magazines and you find yourself not submitting queries this is exactly the course you need to get well and truly started writing for magazines.

Ask yourself:

How will you feel once you get three queries actually submitted?
  • Relived?
  • Proud?
  • Perhaps a bit of excitment masquerading as anxiety?
My experience tells me that once you actually get those first there queries sent you’ll know you know how to do it and you’ll be able to send the next three or a dozen or more with real confidence.

Your writing, editing, paraphrasing, and inspiration kept me moving forward when I felt I could no longer continue.

Sheri Werner

Finally! Get 3 Queries Written & Submitted Workshop Core


Four-up-to-90 minute webinars.
Class notes from each call in .pdf form.
A recording (mp3) of each class for you to keep forever (also ideal if you have to miss a session).
Worksheets in Word so you can actually use them on your computer if you want.
Clickable list of resources.
Access to the 5 Buck Forum for the 30 days during the workshop & a special Query Workshop Thread there.
A personal evaluation of your 3 query drafts by Anne.
An extra, followup teleclass.
An additional 30 days (60 days total) to the 5 Buck Forum.
Your investment:


Please note - after you complete your payment you'll be taken to the Workshop Registration Page - be sure to fill out the information there too so you'll get all the information you need, including reminders.

Thanks, and write well and often,

97 Percent Guarantee

Query writing is a learnable skill and I want you to learn it and be able to use it. But, as you well know, I can't make you do it; I can show you what to do, answer your questions, even, with the Premium Option, evaluate three query drafts for you. The rest is up to you.

If, after 60 days from the last workshop call you decide The Getting 4 Queries Written in 4 Weeks Workshop didn't work for you I'll refund 97 percent of your tuition.

There are, however, a few conditions aimed at encouraging your full involvement. You must have:
  • Attended (or listened to) all four Workshop Classes.
  • Completed each of the assignments.
  • Spent some time in the Query Workshop thread on the forum.

If, after 60 days from the last workshop call  you have done these things and do not have at least some comfort around the query writing process I'll happily refund 97 percent of your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if this is a good investment for me?

Obviously you want to make good financial decisions. I totally support that and applaud you for being conscious of your spending. Here are some things to consider:

Coaching with me costs $150 an hour with a two hour minimum. With this webinar you get at least four hours of classes with me, five if you are accepted into the Premium Option, making this truly a less expensive investment.

Only you can tell what not writing queries might be costing you, and if you spend even a little time thinking about writing them but not doing it, consider that too. Then think of that expense over a year or more of a freelance writing career.

You might also want to consider how much you might earn once you start submitting queries on a regular basis.

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What materials will I receive?

You will receive:

  • A link to a downloadable .mp3 file shortly after each class.
  • An email with your assignment following each class.
  • Class notes from each class as .pdf files, worksheets in Word so you can fill them out and a clickable resource list.
  • A 30 day membership (60 days with the Premium Option) in the 5 Buck Forum where you can participate in threads specific to the Query Writing Workshop in addition to access to the forum as a whole.
  • A copy of the Ultimate Query Writing Ebook
  • A copy of the ebook, How To Write A Book Proposal That Sells
  • If you're accepted in the Premium Option (limited to six) you'll receive written evaluations of up to three query drafts.

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What if I can't attend every class?
Obviously participation is the key to your success with this workshop.

One of the advantages of this type of webinar is that every class is recorded. That means you can listen to any class you miss and participate fully. You'll get the assignments and be able to post in the forum where you can get any of your questions answered.

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How does this webinar work?
When you pay for the Workshop you'll be directed to a registration page at AnyMeeting which provides the platform for the classes. Once you're registered there you'll get instructions on what to do to actually attend. Essentially the class is conducted via a special conference call line with screen sharing. You'll be able to hear me and others on the phone while you watch the presentation on your screen.

AnyMeeting will confirm your registration, send you reminders before each class, record the class and generally provide all the technology we need so it all works smoothly.

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What kind of assignments will there be?
The biggest assignments, obviously, will be the drafting, editing and submitting of your three query letters. That's the whole point. There will also be assignments like picking an idea and a publication. Ideally you'll be willing to post your assignments in the forum

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What kind of support will you give me?
You will have the ability to ask any question you like in the forum and get an answer there. Often there will also be time for questions toward the end of each class.

My hope is you will also post your assignments, including your draft query letters in the forum. When you do, you'll learn from your own work and the work of others.

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Can I get the audio on a CD? 

I will be sending you a link to a downloadable .mp3 audio shortly after each class. You are welcome to put them on CD.

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Do I have to buy anything extra for this class?

Nothing extra is required. Some people like to have a notebook just for the Workshop for their own notes and to file the class notes, etc. But it's not required at all - totally up to you.

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Will I have to pay for long distance calls?

It depends on your long distance service. If you're in the United States and have unlimited long distance your calls will be free.

If you don't have free long distance or live outside the United States, free services like Skype can work. If you use one of these services be aware you may have to dial in more than once and I may ask you to mute your line (*6) if it's causing static.

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My question isn't here. What do I do?

If your question isn't here please email it to me at anne@annewayman.com with Query Workshop in the subject line.

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