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Other Kinds Of Writing I Do

When people ask me what I write I sometimes tease them by saying “anything anyone will pay me to write.” I do love ghostwriting books for people, and I’ve done all sorts of other kinds of writing. For example:

I got my start writing classified ads for my father’s real estate company in Fallbrook, California. That was great training because we tracked the results from every ad and I soon discovered what worked and what didn’t. So yes, I do copywriting.

I also ghostwrote columns for my Dad – little knowing that would teach me about both column writing and blogging. Yes, I can blog for you, as a ghostwriter or not – your choice

I write effective press releases – and I can do that for you. For example: Chandler, AZ Resident Adds To Wins As SweepstakesToday.com’s 10K Club Member and SweepstakesToday.com Moves Their Online Sweepstakes Office.

If you need a set of instructions (aka technical writing)  written, I’m quite good at that too.

I love taking complex ideas and making them understandable by exactly the audience you want to reach.

Check out my credits and coaching services.

If you’ve got some writing that needs to be done, contact me. If I can’t help you, I can probably point you in the right direction.

Not so by the way, Sharon Hurley Hall, a writer I respect, has written an article called 3 Issues That May Drive Your Writer AwayIt will give you an understanding of what and why we freelance writers work the way we do.


Anne Wayman