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Let Me Build Your Professional Writer’s Website

It seems like every writer knows they need a website yet many find it daunting. So here’s a proposition for you:

  • I’ll coach you so you know exactly the purpose of your professional website.
  • I’ll walk you through choosing and buying a domain name.
  • I’ll help you choose a hosting service.
  • I’ll show you how to install WordPress.
  • I’ll guide you through picking a theme.
  • I’ll coach you through creating the four pages you must have for your professional website.
  • I’ll give you an overview of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Finally, I’ll help through two revisions of your website.

We’ll do this over roughly seven hours in a 30 day or less period. All work will be done over the phone and online.

When we get done you’ll pretty much know how to take care of and manage your own website. No monthly fees – in fact no additional money to me at all.

I’ll keep it simple and relatively jargon free, always remembering how long it took me to figure this out myself – a lot longer than seven hours!

How does that sound?

How much?

Just $495.95 paid in advance.

Ready to get started? Just click the Buy Now button. You’ll soon get an email from me.