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They way my folks told it, I sort of began her freelance writing career in 6th grade. Apparently I wrote a news article on class elections and used some fancy words. I don’t remember it quite that way.

I do remember sneaking off to the book store to secretly buy Writer’s Market the annual and the magazine just as soon as I had some cash and transportation. I also remember sending my first two query letters off and when the proposed articles were rejected I had the sense to recognize I’d accomplished something and hung them on my bedroom wall. Over time, my expertise has grown to include:

Ghostwriting – I can write your book for you or ghost articles that sound as if you wrote them. Maybe you want a memoir for your family or the world, or to tell you secret to selling or weight loss or happiness. In other words, you want to turn your dream into words. Let’s talk about it – there’s no obligation.

Coaching/Mentoring – Perhaps you’d rather write your book yourself and know you need some help with it. I can coach you through your book, again making sure you get your dreams into words. She also coaches other freelance writing to success.

If you’re already a freelance writer and want a boost to your career or to add some professional accountability, some coaching might make sense. Get in touch.

Ebooks – Yes, if you write an book, you’ll want an ebook version. And you may want just an ebook – I can help you with getting your dreams into ebook form too.

Other writing – You might want a blog, a press release, a sales letter or an article series. Check out my credits and feel free to ask lots of questions.

I am, believe it or not, a native Californian. She lives just south of San Diego.

I have a reputation for:

Being easy to talk with – I know how to listen deeply and am delighted to share my experience with you

Honesty – Whether it’s honesty about my own abilities as a ghostwriter, the state of a project or an assessment of other’s work, I know that a gentle telling of the truth often works unexpected miracles.

Creativity – My wide experience, coupled with an active, but practical imagination guarantees creative solutions. Sometimes they come from writing for hours; sometimes they come in the shower. The result is a resourcefulness that brings solutions.

I also meet deadlines – delivering work on time and on budget. My experience as an editor for both print and web publications demonstrates my ability to meet a schedule.

I am a true Self-starter – as a successful freelance writer I have a well deserved reputation as a self-starter, needing little direction once I understand the project. I also work well with others, and have done so online with great success.

My Writing Credits will give you a clear idea of what I’ve done and what I can do for you. Contact her now to find out how she can help meet your writing needs and answer your questions.

If I can’t help you, I probably can help you find someone who can.