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contact Anne

You can contact me in several ways. I’m not hard to reach. But I don’t make it super easy.

I’m still using a landline as my main contact number which is also where you can leave me a voice mail message. That number is: 619 434 6110

I’m up to date enough to be able to text or get a text at: 619 273 6003 – but it’s text only; phone messages there disappear into cyberspace.

You can contact me via email at: mailto:

My secret to not letting folks bother me out of my mind is I’ve learned to turn off my landline, silence my so-called smartphone and ignore my email. It’s a practice of mine. Sometimes you may reach me. More often you’ll have to leave a message.

Turning off phones, ignoring email and silencing smartphones is a practice of mine and one way I get some writing done! ;- )

If you reach me I may be able to spend a few minutes chatting with you – if I can’t I’ll let you know right away. Sometimes, if it sounds like you need lots of advice I may tell you we have to either stop or I need to start charging you.

Let’s have a conversation,

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