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Anne’s Writing Credits

Anne specializes in online writing, writing and ghosting books and coaching writers. Her writing credits include:


  • Lead ghost blogger for Treecycling.com.
  • A Solopreneur Partnership: Joining Forces One Hour At a Time – Nation 1099
  • Blogger for Tanglewood Conservatories – creators of luxury glass conservatories around the world.
  • One of 5 real estate bloggers for iHouseweblog – 8 original blog posts each  month on a wide variety of real estate topics, based in part on real estate experience back in the day – February, 2014 – September 2016.
  • Ongoing PR work for SweepstakesToday.com including press releases, blog posts, etc.
  • Articles about the environment and Buddhism for Eden Keeper.
  • Former About.com’s Guide to Freelance Writing – weekly features, newsletters, chats, maintain links, etc. 3+ years.
  • Former About.com’s Guide to San Diego –  bi-weekly feature and newsletter, take and produce digital photos, host chat and manage forum maintain over 1000 pages. 5+ years.
  • Help, FAQs, etc. for First Virtual’s website.
  • Indigogo.com  original articles from online research plus direct contact: “Sailing in Fiji and “Sailing in Tonga
  • Leisureplanet.com – overview of San Diego for visitors.
  • Match.com – part of founding team. Contributions included creation of a twice-monthly newsletter, content, including help and editor of their first ‘Zine.


  • Disaster Ready People by James W. Satterfield and Harry W. Rhulen – a book about disaster for Firestorm, Inc.
  • Illuminate the Negative by David Corbin and Phillip Wexler – a self-help allegory.
  • Best Seller Publishing project -6 interviews with Chiropractors resulting in 1 article ghost written for each (approx 1,500 words) as part of a book.
  • What You Think of Me is None of My Business, (ghost writer for author Terry Cole-Whittaker), OakTree Publications.*
  • Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, (edited prior to submission to publisher for author John Gray), Harper and Row.
  • What You Can Feel You Can Heal, (edited for author John Gray), Heart Publications
  • Powerfully Recovered!, self-published and selling well.
  • Secretaries Portfolio of Letters, Prentice-Hall
  • Successful Single Parenting, MeadowBrook Press
  • Take What Works, Hazelden
  • Talk To The World, lead writer, Compute!
  • AutoCad Methods and Macros, lead writer, TAB


  • “The Recovering Traveler,” Hazelden
  • “Back to Basics,” Hazelden
  • “What Do I Do For Fun Now?” Hazelden
  • “Single and Sober,” Hazelden
  • “12 Step Basics,” Johnson Institute


  • Chandler, AZ Resident Adds To Wins As SweepstakesToday.com’s 10K Club Member 
  • SweepstakesToday.com Moves Their Online Sweepstakes Office.
  • Direct Marketing letters for Sheila Rosen of Sprint
  •  Direct Marketing copy for Self-it Badges
  • Multiple assignments from Copywriting.net
  • Galilee Harbor Prospectus – author of this 500+ page document used for successful lobbying.
  • Electric Classifieds Business Plan – contributor
  • Match.Com Magazine Plan – author
  • Match.Com Advertising Plan – author
  • Writer of weekly Infomercial weekly column in “Fallbrook Enterprise,” 6+ years.
  • Infomercial weekly column in “Fallbrook Enterprise,” 3+ years
  • Ad copywriter for PlanetTree, a retail store.
  • Writer, producer of a wide variety of newsletters, marketing letters, and other materials including:
  • telephone sales scripts, internet marketing concepts, back of jacket copy, radio advertising scripts




  • The Open Gate, Editor-in-Chief, Maggie Award Winner
  • Profiles, Senior Editor, KayPro Inc.
  • Winner’s Forum, Editor-in-Chief


  • Editor, “Peninsula Beacon”
  • Founding Editor, “San Diego Seniors,” a monthly for the 50+ crowd, circulation 40,000 monthly.   Responsible for concept, freelance writers, editing, production etc.
  • “Successful Single Parenting,” a Q&A column appearing in 3 papers for several years
  • “Idyllwild Town Crier” – staff writer.


In wide variety of consumer and special interest publications including: InfoWorld, AppleTalk, Profiles, Latitude 38, Ocean Navigator, Winner’s Circle, The Open Gate, Recovery,  and Alcoholism at About.com.

REFERENCES – Excellent references on request.