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About Anne

According to a family story, Anne began her freelance writing career in 6th grade. It’s told that she wrote a news article on class elections. She doesn’t remember it quite that way. Whatever is the truth of how she got started freelancing, her expertise has grown to include:

Ghostwriting, including writing and editing work for two best selling authors.

Coaching/Mentoring other freelance writing to success.

Ebooks for herself and others.

Other writing, including blogging, copywriting, article writing – check out Anne’s credits and feel free to ask.

Anne is, believe it or not, a native Californian. She lives in San Diego.

She has a reputation for:

Meeting deadlines – both delivering work on time and on budget. Her experience as an editor for both print and web publications demonstrates her ability to meet a schedule.

Self-starting – as a successful freelance writer Anne has a well deserved reputation as a self-starter, needing little direction. She is also a team player.

HonestyWhether it’s honesty about her own abilities, the state of a project or an assessment of other’s work, Anne knows that a gentle telling of the truth often works unexpected miracles.

Creativity – Her wide experience, coupled with an active, but practical imagination guarantees creative solutions. Sometimes they come from writing for hours; sometimes they come in the shower. The result is a resourcefulness that brings solutions.

Being easy to talk with – Anne knows how to listen deeply and is delighted to share her experience with you. Even if you don’t hire her, she wants you to consider her a resource.

Anne’s Writing Credits will give you a clear idea of what she’s done and what she can do for you. Contact her today to find out how she can help meet your writing needs and answer your questions.

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