Use a Ghostwriter or Writing Coach to Help You Write Your Book

  • You  know what you want your book to say in your own mind but trying to get it out on paper or screen is not easy.
  • In fact, you suspect writing a book is a huge project!
  • You know that everybody looks at what people say through their own eyes – so how do you find the right words to reach your audience.
  • Can ghostwriter or writing coach to help?
  • Although your ideas are clear in your mind, when you try to write them you don’t know how to organize them so they are understandable for others.
  • You get lost trying to figure out where the chapters divide or if you should title them or just use numbers.
  • You find yourself hesitating to commit your words and ideas to paper or screen because you’re afraid you’re not a good enough writer. This in spite of the many people tell you you should write a book and you wonder if a writing coach or ghostwriter might help.

You don’t have to do it alone!

Getting a book written is a major undertaking. Fortunately you don’t have to do by yourself. Working with a ghostwriting or a writing coach are two ways you can get help getting your book written.

Ghostwriting – Working in partnership with a professional ghostwriter  the ghost does the bulk of the writing with your input, editing and control.

Coaching/Mentoring – When you’d rather do the writing yourself, a writing coach or mentor can give you the professional feedback and provide the accountability you need to get your book written.

I can be your Ghostwriter or Writing Coach

Hi, I’m Anne Wayman. Over 20 years ago I discovered I have a talent for ghostwriting by ghosting a book that actually became a best seller in the self-help/spirituality category. Since then I’ve contributed to another best seller and helped many write memoirs and popular business books. I also I found I could help many get their books written by coaching or mentoring them through the process.

Here’s a testimonial from a client:

I found Anne Wayman to be an exceptional listener. As a result she was able to capture not only my writing voice but to help pull out of me the nuances I wanted in my book. She was easy to work with, kept to deadlines and generally made the process of getting a book written if not easy, at least understandable and even, at times enjoyable. I’m glad I found her and am happy to recommend her.


Eliot Tubis

You can see his webpage about this book here.

Anne Wayman’s Writing Credits – A look at her writing career over time.

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